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indie_themes's Journal

Where CRAP music is welcomed with an IRON FIST.
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+This community is 'Members Only' which means you must make the entries 'Friends Only' before you post them. Any post that does not follow this rule will be deleted. (It gets messy when some people make it 'friends only' and others don't- thats all)

I had to stop abusing indie_exchange (which is a great community for finding about indie artists, by the by) and posting things like "post your most frequently played songs" because thats not what its for. That is what this community is for.

+Like http://www.tinymixtapes.com/amg/, but a with a bit less specific requests (please, so they'll be handy for perfect-mix-tape seekers in the future!) and with more than one person giving suggestions.

+Listen to me: For the love of God, keep your suggestions away from the likes of screamo....or emo. No Dashboard, please. I beg of you. No goddamn Dashboard. Or Coheed. Not that they are widely considered "indie" anyway.

+The arguement of "that is SO not indie" is not to be started here! Keep your tiffs outside livejournal. Cyber-Arguments are dumb.

+ Your suggestions aren't limited to the interests I've listed below. Classic artist like Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, The Ramones, etc. are definitely allowed. I mean, I don't even like all of the bands I've listed under interests. I'm just saying that if you like the song- it doesn't absolutely have to be indie. Post it!!! :)

+Please, oh please, if you speak of an awesome song, UPLOAD AND POST THE FREAKING URL with www.yousendit.com or wherever you can find it. Actually, as your moderator, I DEMAND you post the mp3 along with the song!...Or else!! >:0!!!


+No negative comments on someone else's musical taste. You ruin good days like that, you really do. I will block you, man!

+ It's pretty simple but any questions/suggestions/comments are welcome :). My e-mail is the_kiteist@yahoo.com.

Mods are: peacoat_brigade & whatwehadfeared